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DETDA , JX100, E-100

DETDA , JX100, E-100

Product Name DETDA , JX100, E-100
CAS NO 68479-98-1
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DETDA , JX100, E-100

Description :



Product Overview:

Diethyltoluenediamine(DETDA) Equivalent to Ethancure100 (Albemarle) and DETDA 80 (Lonza)。Diethyltoluenediamine is a very effective chain extender of polyurethane elastomer,,in particular for RIM (reaction injection molding) and SPUA (Spray Polyurea Elastomer). Other uses are as curing agent for polyurethanes and epoxy resin;antioxidant,lubricants and industrial oils;and as a chemical intermediate.



2,4-diamino-3,5-diethyltoluene       2,6-diamino-3,5-diethyltoluene

              80%                                                       20%

 Trade Name: E-100,DETDA 80

 Molecular formula: C11H18N2

 Molecular weight: 178.28

 CAS No:. 68479-98-1

Physical and chemical properties:

 Appearance----------------------------------------- Light yellowish liquid

 Boiling point,(℃)-------------------------------------308

 Density (g/cm3)at(20℃)----------------------------- 1.02

 Pour point (℃)-----------------------------------------9

 Flash point,(℃)-------------------------------------- >135

 Viscosity,Cps at(20℃)--------------------------- 280

 Equivalent weight with isocyanates---------------- 89.5

 Equivalent weight with epoxies--------------------- 44.3

Quality standard:

 Appearance: Light yellowish liquid

 Color value ≤5

 Diamine content(%): ≥99.0

 Amino value(mgKOH/g): 620--630

 Moisture(%): ≤0.1

Transportation Information:

 Class: 9

 PackingGroup : III

 UN No.: 3082

 EINECS No.: 270-877-4


in 25kg or 200kgs galvanized drum

Or according to customer requirements, with special packaging


 To be nitrogen-sealed, if can not be used as a packaging, should be subject to nitrogen-sealed storage.

 Avoid outdoor exposure or long-term placement under high temperature conditions.

 This product being in storage, preferably above 0 ℃, can guarantee the same quality for a  long-term of one year.

 Darkens with time ,upon exposure to air.

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